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State Tax Incentives. Solar roof vent can help you cut energy bills by as much as 30%.

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solar Power Attic Ventilation

The concept around the attic fan is basically a plug and play device with no special tools required. All you need is a drill and a screwdriver to do the job. No cutting holes into your roof and worry about leaks which can lead to more problems than solved.

The idea was started when I was feeling heat coming off of my ceiling during the hot summer months. I realized that the attic vents on the market today are not user friendly when it comes to installation. If you’re going to cut a hole in the roof, then you better know what you’re doing unless you’re roofer by trade.

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Innovative Attic Fan Solutions

This attic ventilation is an alternative to the ones that are the on the market today. You don’t have to cut holes into your roof to remove hot air in the attic. You don’t have to worry about leaks or replacing the vent with a hassle anymore. The solar panel is easy to install, you just place the panel with neodymium magnets onto the metal roof vent and the rest is history. If the roof vent is not metal,then use a good adhesive caulk and bond it to the roof or use weather screws with mastic tape to prevent leaks. The fan is designed to be fasten underneath the existing static roof vents which already has an opening. All you need is a drill to fasten the fan to the sheathing and then just plug the solar wires to it. The whole process takes about 10 mins or less to complete. It’s basically a plug and play device with no special tools or skills to complete.

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Simplivent Solar Power Attic Fan

We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable & affordable energy systems. With our innovative technologies, we energize society, that’s our aim!

The overall size of the fan is 13.75” width x 13.75” length x 4” height. The airflow on the exhaust fan produces up to 450 cfm with a 25-watt solar panel. It also comes with a bracket fitted with neodymium magnets to be placed on most metal static roof vents for easy installation. Has a built-in thermostat where it won’t come on until it’s 86 degrees or higher.